Radar FIM - A total success!

Toda una experiencia!

By: Jonatan Arriaga | Monday, 7th October 2013

The first edition of Radar FIM took place this weekend and I have to say it was a total success. There are things happening in Guadalajara. Important ones. This event, which happened throughout this last weekend, was the purest example of it.

The amazing grand opening kicked off  with the presence of Circulart and Cultura U. de G. (University of Guadalajara's culture department) then Mr. Steve Symons, organizer of one of the stages at Glastonbury Festival, in the United Kingdom, started the master talks.

It was a fun talk with Steve. He explained to the audience how logistics are done in Glastonbury, which elements they need to take into account and also, how the selection of bands is made. It is so interesting to know how artists sometimes approach promoters or programmers of festivals in the wrong way. 

The most important advice I took from Steve was 'always deliver the best product you can ever produce at the time of handing in your material, programmers do not have too much time to check every piece of work delivered to them. However, he will make a few minutes to listen to the one that stands out from the others'

The following day, Jordi Puy, Barcelona's office director for Sound Diplomacy, offered an amazing talk on internationalization of a music product. It was a great talk where interaction between the audience was important to him. The points to follow to make your music product go out there and take the internationalization step were clearly explained by him. 

A few topics he spoke about were:

- The role of Management

- Problems to overcome (cultural, financial, musical)

- Ways to plan an international tour

- How to identify when it is time to go international. 

He stressed the huge importance of a well delivered product with the right approach to the people you are handing in your material. 

During this music industry journey, it was clear that a band has to work as a company, each one of the members takes an specific role. And a clear example of that is the band TROKER! 

We had the chance to listen to their amazing music but also, we had the chance to hear from them, how they work, how they are organized, how they achieve goals and we also heard some advice from them. What a complete band! Musically amazing and also, they have got a total company-oriented philosophy. 

There are things happening in Guadalajara, and this event was the starting point of a huge movement that we all will be pushing forward towards the growth and enrichment of the local scene of Mexico. 

Well done Radar FIM! 

See you next year! 

If you don't know them, here is the link to Radar FIM's official site:


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