Music from Guadalajara - The Mariachi Tradition.

The tradititon of Mariachi Music is alive and well in Guadalajara

By: Jonatan Arriaga | Friday, 13th September 2013

Mexican music is, without a doubt, tremendously rich due to its history and the culture surrounding it. You can only think of Mexico when you hear it and when you see the performers typically dressed like dark cowboys with large hats. 

Mariachi has an interesting origin, similar to that of medieval and renaissance periods, it began as a way to pray, in other words, it was born being merely religious during the evangelization period in Mexico. There are two main hypothesis of the origin of this word: 

- French origin from the word 'Mariage' 

- A traditional religious chant offered to Virgin Mary which preached 'Maria ce son' (I love you Mary) by the Cocas. 

Mariachi music can be found in many places in the world! Even Japan has its own mariachi bands and the Mexican touch is really there! 

Guadalajara, considered cradle of Mariachi music, held the most important Mariachi festival from the 28th of August to the 8th of September. Receiving mariachi bands from all over the world, the entire city was a huge Mexican party all day long! 

In your next visit in Guadalajara, Mexico do not hesitate to attend any of the events organized in the festival. Another success this year and a big congratulations to all the organizers! More information in the official website here! 

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