Mastery with Kingsmith Organ Trio

The best of the best!

By: Jonatan Arriaga | Saturday, 9th November 2013

It is a Thursday night and Kingsmith Organ Trio prepare the stage for the evening to come at the Scratch Club in Guadalajara. This time amazing keyboardist Willy Zavala joined the jam!

I have seen Kingsmith Organ Trio several times now, and I have to say that is that kind of bands that surprise you every single night. There is something new, another amazing solo by Erik Kasten, outstanding bass lines and solos by Juan Ayala, vibrating rhythms with odd timing by Trino Gonzalez and the mastery of Omar Ramirez in the organ and keys. Last night we enjoyed the great solos from Willy Zavala and the drum kit was ruled for a while by another great and talented figure in the jazz scene in Guadalajara, Mr. Medeles who I had the chance to listen to priorly with Zuloaga/Zavala Project. 

No one can say that a Kingsmith Organ Trio's concert is always the same because these guys are completely married to the 'surprise and improvisation' factor. Believe me, you will hear amazing songs with a great instrumental show! 

So next time you hear about a gig from them and you are around, do not hesitate to experience the mastery of this band! 

By the way, I got my album 'Brincos Dieras' signed by the whole band! And it goes better as we have one album signed by the whole band for you, the supporters of Kingsmith Organ Trio. Stay tuned in our site for coming news on that! 

Thank you once again to Kingmsmith Organ Trio for another amazing night!

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