Kingsmith & Willy Zavala Show!

Battle of the Master Keys!

By: Jonatan Arriaga | Monday, 7th October 2013

Saturday night appeared and with it, a great show to witness at one of the most important venues for jazz and blues music in town… Centro Cultural Breton. The reason? An amazing appearance of Omar Ramirez & Kingsmith. This time with a very special guest: keyboardist, producer, songwriter and pianist Willy Zavala. 

Omar Ramirez is presenting his new album Brincos Dieras, an album that features 12 tracks totally written by him. So the chords of amazing songs like Armadillo Amarillo started to fill up the warm space of the saturday night. Accompanied by the amazing Juan Ayala on bass guitar and Archie Salcedo on drums, Omar Ramirez presented another great and exquisite show. 

It got even more special when Willy Zavala was invited to perform along Kingsmith. There is no doubt Willy has an amazing technic on the keys and he performed amazing solos along with Omar. 

Congratulations again to Omar Ramirez & Kingsmith Organ Trio, and of course, to Willy Zavala! 

Do not forget to buy their music at the following link:

Get the album and let us know what you think! Suppor the local scene! 

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