Festival of Hip-Hop

Saint Louis ultimate Hip-Hop Festival

By: Babacar Habib Diaw | Monday, 23rd December 2013

The Saint Louis Hip-Hop Festival was a great success and showed once again the strong solidarity between the Hip Hoppers in Saint Louis, Senegal. Ñuul Kukk (Dark Black) a very talented group with a distinctive style of rapping, was the initiator of this great event that lasted 4 days in total.

Many brothers in song participated in this event. There was "Pul Art bi, Big Tallé, Bogostyle, Nit Doff, Niagass, Simon Niagass, Combat crew time Anti Seral, Soufiyanke , Rakadiou, Parazite, Zindoun, Rwan, Bamba J...

Big up to Ñuul Kukk for this nice initiative.

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