D FRET - Album Review

The latest production by Cielo Pordomingo

By: J. Arriaga | Monday, 4th May 2015

I had the honour to receive a copy of Cielo Pordomingo´s latest work, D FRET. Cielo is an outstanding songwriter, singer and composer whose songs belong to the realm of the electro symphonic. 

After opening the beautifully designed digipack I found the explanation for the albums tittle which got my attention since I first heard it. D Fret stands for "Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer". You can also find a nice writing from Cielo - "Music is a fluorescent transmission of resonant energy which allows me to breathe, live and love". And energy is exactly what you will find in each track of this album.  

Talking about the music, there are constants throughout the whole album that got my attention. These constants are the mastery shown in composition, song arrangements, melodies, synthesis work and vocals!  

The tracks: 

The Place of Death - What a great opening for the album. Great chorus followed by various passages that travel thru different atmospheres and moods. This track reminds me of the golden era of synths back in the 80s but with a total fresh sound added to it. Probably the most uptempo song in D Fret. 

Beautiful Hole - After hearing the whole album, I can say that this track is "everything Cielo´s music is all about". I love how the song starts to build up from a smooth wrapping intro, it continues through a great bridges of synthesized drums to finalize in the explosive climax; the chorus of the song. 

Cone - Impossible not to think of the characteristic accents of tango in the intro for this song. An excellent mid-tempo song that suddenly takes you to a chorus that features interesting vocal phrasing. 

The Lump In My Throat - I really loved the vibe on this track. The rhythms you will find are more "folkish", to give it a name. Stunning melody and vocal work as well as a fresh touch of traditional south american music elements. 

Don´t Sleep - Enigmatic and sweet. Creepy, yet comforting. Beautiful strings and atmospheres that slowly turn into an instrumental trip into the unknown. Simply delightful. 

Draw A Line - Monstrous synths, symphonic elements, latin guitar strumming and latin percussion meet in a superb composition. 

Green Drop- An atmospheric song that features a beautiful intro, a KILLER string arrangement, beautiful changes in instrumentation and a tight vocal melody that unites the always-changing elements of this beautiful piece. 

The Box - Synthesis at its best! A beautiful synth ostinato creates tension while the song builds up to the following part that features a beautiful harmony of voices. 

Substance - Simply great! A song that demonstrates the outstanding compositional skills by Cielo. This track has positioned her as a semi finalist in the International Songwriting Competition in 2013 and 2014.  

Right Where it Belongs (NIN cover) - Such a beautiful and powerful adaptation of Mr. Reznor´s piece contained on NIN´s album With Teeth. Lovely cover; mysterious, atmospheric and sweet at the same time.  

Sin Sentido - A dreamy song and the only one written in Spanish. A tune that holds an interesting work in strings creating an arabian kind of sound in some parts. Such an enigmatic and powerful track to end the album.

Congratulations to Cielo and everyone involved in the production of such a great album. Thanks to Lily Yañez and Cielo Pordomingo for sending us a copy of D Fret. If there were any stars to rank the album, it would be a definite 5 stars - out of 5 of course!

Don´t forget to visit Cielo´s Official Site where you can also buy D FRET!

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