A Taste of Ben Caesar

Yummy Yummy Video Launch

By: Prenashan Singh | Wednesday, 20th November 2013

A Taste of Ben Caesar – Video Launch


On the evening of Wednesday 6 November 2013, Sounds of the Worlds local artist Ben Caesar flared up the Rockwell Hotel in Cape Town Central with a live performance of his new release Yummy Yummy.

The evening was introduced with a relaxed meet and greet scenario in which Ben had the pleasure of spending quality time from his busy schedule with all the people that made him what he is today. The dress code was a spontaneous bow tie and sneakers theme and was well complimented with Bens ‘Master Chefs’ attire, giving the crowd a warm feeling of being hosted and treated by Ben.

The room was lit with a warm energetic buzz and enhanced with a vocal performance by Samantha Adams a local new found talent soon to be hitting the music industry with a new feel.

After an introduction by his manager Diego Noble, Ben’s new Music video was presented to the audience of close friends and family. A video not to be missed! It was then complimented by a live performance of his new release as well as the remix versions of his previous songs.

While the new song demonstrates the love for food, more specifically Ben’s love for good food, the evening was well met with champagne and gourmet food catered by Shesha, a Catering and Events Company, making the evening a great success. Visit SheSha on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/shesha.film.popup.events

As usual ben loves the paparazzi and didn’t hesitate to take pictures with every single person hosted at the event. Ben is not only a great musical artist but does take the time to thank all those who have helped him along the way!

Be sure not to miss out on any of his future performances.

Sounds of the World will keep you updated! 


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