The Violet Hour

After being nominated for song of the year and female rock vocalist of the year a second year in a row, Arkansas-based The Violet Hour is back in 2014, clutching Screamie Awards in hand, along with an arsenal of hard-punching songs to rock you like never before!  

“I am so proud of my guys and what The Violet Hour has accomplished in the last two years,” says front lady Alli.  Having shared the stage with national names Calabrese, Pop Evil, Black Lodge, Mindset Evolution, Saving Abel, Black Star Riders, and Black Oak Arkansas, The Violet Hour is continuing to promote their 2013 singles from the Royalty Studios Sessions, while laying out plans, writing, and recording new record to be released in early 2015.  "Our music is such an emotional journey," Alli explains.  "The songs we've been writing lately deal with some pretty heavy and diverse topics such as redemption, betrayal, forgiveness, sacrifice, and facing our demons."

After finishing the Toe Up Tour in 2013, The Violet Hour entered into contract with Screamin' Toe Productions.  "We love working with Rick Skinner and the Screamin' Toe team.  They share our vision, and they constantly push us toward higher goals and greater achievements.  Making Rick our manager was one of the best moves we've ever made," says Alli.  

From 2010-2012, The Violet Hour grew from their status of local Fort Smith band and by 2013 had established a regional presence in the mid-south U.S. In 2014, the band has already been to the East Coast and back!

Bursting with energy and inspiring crowds with fist-pumping anthems like "I Came Here to Rock," The Violet Hour carries fans through an array of feelings from anger about the world's injustices to joyous revelry and fun.  "Everyone fights a personal battle every day," says Alli.  "I want our fans to know they're not alone.  Whatever you're feeling, whatever you're going through... Other people have been there.  I love bringing people together and showing them that we all have something in common."   

The Violet Hour not only has a strong and energetic set list, but they also share something very unique--a passion and friendship for each other.  Their camaraderie stretches back more than a decade to the days of walking the halls at Southside High School.  "We've seen each other through almost all states of mind and stages of life," says Alli.  "We've seen each other through failed relationships, accidents, and hospitalization.  We've seen each other cry.  We've witnessed each other punch brick walls or smash coffee mugs out of anger and desperation.  We've supported each others' former projects."  Although the four current members of the band didn't come together until 2012, they have known each other and supported each other more than half of their lives.  "Both together and individually, we have paid our dues in the music scene.  We've played for our dinner.  We've played in friends' living rooms.  We've played in 100 degree heat, and we've played in freezing winds and rain."  

All the struggles and hard work have paid off.  In 2013, The Violet Hour consistently held top positions in their local rock charts on Reverbnation as well as having top songs in the rock and hard rock charts on  Their music was played on radio stations in eleven U.S. states plus many satellite/internet stations.  The Violet Hour was also featured in several blogs, e-zines, and local entertainment magazines, including being the featured artist in Vicious Vixens Magazine.

The Violet Hour has racked up sponsorships and endorsements from Dirtbag Clothing, Explore Apparel, Silverfox Drumsticks, and Indie Music Affiliates.  Lead guitarist, Jon, muses, "This whole thing blows my mind!"  Jon has a background in jazz music, playing saxophone and bass.  "When I moved from bass to guitar in 2012, I never expected to be here two years later, hearing my dad bragging about my shredding.  That's one of the best feelings in the world!"  

Alli and Jon, along with Eric on bass and Jake on drums, have developed a unique yet classic sound that ranges from sections of haunting ballad-like vocals to roaring, growling, monstrous anthems!  Alli flashes an evil grin and says, "If you're along for the ride, you better buckle up, because we're going fast and hard this year!"