The Local Train

The Local Train is the four member band from Delhi, India. Founded in 2009, they have performed all around India and are very popular among the youth. 

Their fresh original tracks went viral online taking them to the top of the Indie circuit and even beyond! 

RAMAN NEGI, lead vocals, is the perfect frontman for the band, lending his wit and his soulful voice in every song. 

SAHIL SARIN, The prodigy on drums is enthralling audiences from the tender age of five.

RAMIT MEHRA is the powerhouse of the band, jumping in on the bass guitar.

PARAS THAKUR, shredding it on the lead is the youngest Indian to get into musicians institute Los Angeles USA. 

The Local Train is planning an album tour between August and September to promote their new album, Yeh Zindagi Hai, being launched this year. Its guarenteed to be epic, so don't miss out!

For more information on The Local Train visit their Facebook page:

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