The name Stereonoid refers to a musical entity which goes from being human to being the sound itself, and surrounds the listener in a manner that it seems like the music is emanating from everything around them. Stereonoid is an alternative rock band of five talented members. Its music brings back a rawer, do-it-yourself sound based in Alternate Rock. It isn’t like five different segments of the musical entity being contributed by five different people, but it is a singular musical assonance where all five members create the collective sound in unison. 

In the journey of Rock, Stereonoid has won various Battle of Bands and have played several gigs around Dheli.

Some of their achievements are  

Won the battle of bands

  •  Echelon Institute of technology
  •  Ansal Institute of technology
  •  Institute of management technology
  •  Cafe OZ battle of bands

Band has also performed at

  • Onstage music factory
  • National School of Drama
  • Deshbandhu college
  • LSR college
  • Jukebox


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