Proudly Infinite

"The old ones will die and the new ones will be born. We exist someplace in the middle. Our generation is going to change the world and we are here for you!!"

Proudly Infinite is the band of two members from New Delhi, India. 

Sounds of the World recently asked Proudly Infinite what their music is all about:

"We believe that the people of today are not willing to appreciate what life really is. It is very evident that everyone is looking for an escape into simpler times, but we are all scared to accept that. 

Think of a place where we all are in a state of unconditional love and spiritualism is just an everyday phenomenon. We are all looking for these symptoms inside us, but only when we are alone!

Proudly Infinate are here to create this balance into your lives through ours, because as they all say, we are all connected.

Experience your life, your thoughts, your imaginations and your dreams and wishes through what we call healing music for the soul. We are your escape, we are the ones who guide the ones who seek."


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