One Pac

The rapper Birane Amar Wane, also known as One Pac, was born in St. Louis. He has a Master in English at the University Cheikh Anta Diop of Dakar.

He is originally from an area called 'Corniche', where he developed a strong personality in an eventful life full of emotions.

Eaten from the inside, One Pac first became interested in rap in 1997. Concerts in his neighbourhood with his first crew 'SopaixFra' will allow him to externalize his rage in the texts and denounce injustice.

In 2004, From Hip Hop Campus (UCAD) to Doctor Mic, with the release of his first track 'What's My Name', One Pac, absolutely fearless, decided to play openly in the right direction.

In his texts he discloses alerting messages aiming to awake consciences.

In 2007, One Pac became known and with confirmed rappers and groups such as Bakary and Marcus who created Kaddu Gunz Crew.

In 2011, this knowledge will not only allow him to improve his personality but also to adapt his art with Kaddu Gunz's art in their EP "Identity".

Their works have required a lot of travel and adventure to gain professionalism.

One Pac is more determined than ever. He decided to lead his fight in a very contemporary and different way with new touches such as Jazz, Folk, Soul Music and traditional African music.