Born in Guadalajara, Monomatica emerges as a musical project with the main purpose of capturing, in a melodic and harmonic way, the coming and goings of the moment; its consequent reactions may generate new and diverse waves of expression, sometimes even without wanting it. 

Monomatica is formed of many local experimented talents influenced by many genres and styles of music. 

The band delivers an interesting mix between 'hard rock' and Mexican folk music. Nevertheless, its main escence and influence comes from 'alternative rock'. The processing of all these styles results in a homogeneous mix that possesses an easy-listening element.

Monomatica has been active since late 2006. The band have performed on many stages in festivals and local venues always aiming for the maximum quality in their performances. 

The band states: "Our music talks about 'the ordinary' in life and the consquent reflexions of it, talks about 'the common life' in which all of us live and grow, but sadly, we let pass unnoticeable sometimes. Our music is another way to capture the way all and each one of us live"


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