Marco Mills

Marco Mills, entrepreneur, club promoter, vendor, graduate Public Relations student, event coordinator for Pulse Productions and Cape Town’s latest music sensation that released his first duo Mixtape, “The City” on June 26, 2013.

The ambitious solo artist grew up in Cape Town and is from Portugese and South African descent. He began making a name for himself a few years ago but his popularity has since grown with his immensely successful club events, entrepreneurial skills, grab a grub vendor stands and latest music venture.

Marco Mills, whose’ name was derived from his personal brand Marco ill Society decided to fully pursue his passion for music after he was completely captivated by how easy it was to express himself through melody, rythym and lyrics, thus dedicating hours and days to writing and recording music he felt would help to shape people’s perception about who he is.
Since completing “The City”, Marco Mills has been preparing the release by shooting the music video for his track ‘Bounce’ which aired on GoodHope FM on May 3, 2013. Mills, as many refer to him, describes the Mixtape as a combination of Hip Hop, R&B, Trap and dance music. 

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