Los Tacos

El latin syle llega con Los Tacos a Cape Town con la musica que te obliga a bailar y hace que el espiritu busque pareja. Con sangre latino y Capetoniana, la musica de fiesta latinamericana esta en Cape Town.

Los Tacos has brought the rhythmic sounds of Latin Afro Fusion to the streets of Cape Town, creating music that forces you to dance. This innovative 12 piece band is a true representation of South Africa’s rainbow nation. Their live performances are original and add a spicy vibe to any venue where they propagate their edgy electrifying sound. With a mix of Latina and Capetonian blood, the music of the Latin American party is in Cape Town. Los Tacos are launching their amazing new ep on June 13th, and have collaborated with many amazing South African bands; such as The Rudimentals and Bed on Bricks