Kingsmith Organ Trio

Kingsmith Organ Trio is a music project created by Omar Ramirez, from Guadalajara. He founded the band in 2010 after having spent 7 years in Argentina where he worked as composer, session musician and teacher.

Accompanied by the great local talents, Erik Kasten (guitars) and Trino Gonzalez (drums), Kingsmith Organ Trio travels from blues to jazz finding its strong touch in the sound of the Hammond B-3, magisterially performed by Omar Ramirez, who not only leads melodic lines but the bass lines too. 

Omar Ramirez has studied and performed the Hammond Organ for more than 15 years and has established himself as the best contemporary organist in Mexico. KINGSMITH recreates the classic organ jazz combos from the 50’s and 60’s through to their own compositions and versions of classic jazz, blues, funk, rock 'n roll, surf and gospel.

They are currently promoting their most recent album entitled ‘Brincos dieras’ containing 12 songs composed by Omar Ramirez. This album has got the participation from the best musicians in the country.

Kingsmith performs as a quartet or quintet or with a full brass section.


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