Guneyi started producing music since 1997. All members of the band are part of the same family and they have all loved playing Afrobeat music since the early days of the band.

You could call them the next Jackson Five! Guneyi have two albums in the making, have produced videos and have concerts lined up in Dakar and Saint Louis. 

Due to the difficulty of travelling to Dakar to record their music, Guneyi is now working on having their own studio in Saint Louis. Guneyi want to help the people of Saint Louis and encourage cultural development in the area.  They have participated in many concerts around the world as well as the well-renowned Saint Louis Jazz festival.

In 2004, Guneyi had the exciting opportunity to perform at a concert in Paris and since then have been looking to develop their music more professionally.

Do not miss out on this Afrobeat straight from beautiful Saint Louis.


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