Galgo is a blend of coincidences, serendipity, old and new friends, love of music and plenty of beers in between. For casual listeners, GALGO is an Indie-pop band that produces one of the most unique sounds Mexico has to offer. They effortlessly combine synthesizers with comforting melodies and a wide range of vocals.

For ears who listen a little harder, Galgo consists of six friends who enjoy making honest music, who get excited to play onstage and find friends among an audience full of strangers, thanks to the universal language of music.

Galgo is a band who is at its best during live performances, based on collaboration and the exploration of sound, lyrics and genres. They have shared the stage with international acts such as Miami Horror (Australia) and Pompeya (Russia), Mexican bands like Azul Violeta and independent talents like Caloncho and Technicolor Fabrics.

Galgo’s EP Afraid to Make You Dance (2012) and debut album Donde Luc?a (2013), they have gained popularity in Guadalajara, playing in venues and radio stations that support the independent music scene and, little by little, they are reaching to music lovers in different parts of Mexico. 

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