Fabiana slowly discovered her passion for the arts whilst growing up in a dancer family in the beautiful south of Germany. Her parents always gave her the opportunity to try new things, starting with dance and acting until they finally found the perfect match: Music. 

Fabiana's first instrument of choice was a success and she started playing the keyboard at the age of 5. For the next 7 years she took keyboard and classical piano lessons. At the age of 12 she started playing keyboard for her school's Jazz Band. Her deep passion and devotion for her biggest idol, Michael Jackson, had great influence on her music, and Fabiana tried to find different ways to share her love for music with everyone around her, but she was yet too shy to step in front of a microphone. 

Inspired by a concert at her school, Fabiana decided to take Jazz Piano lessons with Stefan Boehrer. In late 2008, while working at an Integration Center, Fabiana finally pursued the urge to take her music to the next level and started taking voice lessons. For the first time, she would write her own songs and it soon became clear that music would be her career. Her parents always supported her dream and made sure she only learned from the best. The same year Fabiana became a member of the Bavarian Youth Jazz Orchestra as a vocalist and started performing at numerous events and concerts with her Vocal-Piano Duo, a Jazz/Pop Duo with Felix Prihoda (of the Vibrasaxophonie) and another Jazz Duo with the guitarist Tobias Eisenwort, which in 2012 became the Tobias Eisenwort Trio.

After a Jazz Workshop at The Juilliard School, Fabiana changed her piano teacher to Michael Fluegel, who still is a great teacher and friend to her, and started taking voice lessons with the well-known Dean Kaelin. She attended various Jazz workshops and studied with several lengendary artists including Nnenna Freelon, Sheila Jordan, Jacky Ryan, Benny Green, Rodney Jones, Carl Allen, Brandon Lee, Frank Kimbrough, Ben Wolf, Ron Blake, Peter Tuscher, and many more. 

In 2012 Fabiana got accepted to Berklee College of Music, but decided to pursue her dream of music elsewhere. She left home and everything she knew behind, and after a few months of living and playing in Utah, she embarked on a journey to Los Angeles. Right in the heart of Hollywood she is currently enrolled in the Bachelor Program at Musicians Institute and is taking lessons with Seth Riggs and John Henny. 
With her Debut Album “Magic Of The Madness”, Fabiana dives into the deep emotions of love and heartbreak. The powerful soul of Rock and the vulnerable side of the singer-songwriter tradition are combined in one breathtaking journey through the ups and downs of love and life.