History: District was formed as the newest South African boy band in August 2012. Three of the four guys were initially discovered performing covers at a tiny bar in Cape Town. Dexter Davis, the founder and C.E.O of D Street Media Group out of the U.S. approached the guys and asked if they were signed to a record label.

After learning the group was independent from any company, Davis went on to establish a new division of his media company to provide a new home for the extremely talented bunch and one year later D Street Records was born. His vision for District was to have four members and a nationwide search for another member was underway. After a grueling three weeks of auditions, a final decision was made and David Januarie became the newest fourth addition to the group, joining Steven Lee Lewis, Jarred de Kock and Junaid Roberts to form District.

Once the young men had their new identity, the record company began the process of getting them prepared for their first album. Enlisting the help from stylist, photographers, choreographers and producers from America, the guys of District are on their way to being a force to be reckoned with in their space. In June of 2013 their first single ‘The One’ was released across multiple platforms and in July 2013 the single will begin its radio run nationwide in South Africa.

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