Cheikhou Mah

Author, composer, interpreter. Cheikhou Mah is a very talented musician based in Ngor, a beautiful fishing village in Dakar.

His career started with his dad who was both a teacher and member of one of the first bands which performed acoustic music in Senegal, Sawu Jant. After the death of his father, his big brother Doudou Mah, took over and continued the work his father. He also taught Cheikhou how to play guitar.

His music was very appreciated because of its originality. Cheikhou Mah always accompanied Doudou to his performances and Doudou never forgot to introduce Cheikhou to his fellow musicians, saying that he will be an amazing guitarist. In 2007, Doudou Mah died after releasing his first album "Benn". It was a real shame and a great loss for the acoustic scene.

Cheikhou Mah was going to start his first year of University for Legal Studies and decided to continue what his father and brother started.

Throughout the years, he has been combining different kinds of music. Cheikhou has played in many places in Dakar like bars, restaurants, concerts. He has been the opening act for many musicians including Yoro Ndiaye, Medzo Djatah, Pape and Cheikh, and Souleymane Faye Magou. 

Cheikhou Mah is preparing his first album, after seven years of preparation. The album will feature 12 tracks and it is self-produced by Cheikhou. Because producers are lacking in Senegal, he copes with his own means to make his dream come true.

The album speaks of the artist's everyday life, work, romance and the quest for freedom in different languages like Wolof, English and French. It is also a tribute to his brother, Doudou Mah.

You are invited to listen to the music of Cheikhou Mah with Sounds of the World.

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