Breathe was the brainchild of founding members Ishan and Abhinav, who used it as a platform of expression. The sound and members of the band have constantly evolved over a period of two years, with each member bringing a unique element to the sound. Their tone is recognizable with intensely catchy melodic grooves, amazing vocals and drums.

Their music is an amalgamation of various genres such as Hard Rock, Grunge, Blues and Classic Rock, yet the band brings in a layer of originality to the existing cocktail of music. Breathe has been active since 2012 and is constantly growing and reinventing the sound that they communicate. They have dedicated their lives to making rock music popular in India. 

During these 2 years, the band has achieved a lot through their music and has contributed to making band music popular in a country like India where mainly Bollywood music is listened to and supported.

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