Big Talle

Big Talle means 'big bomb' as his music intends to wake people up! He started his rapping career in the nineties and in 2002 he recorded six tracks.

After having participated in prior projects, he now has gone solo and works for the Senegalese Hip-Hop movement. He has a couple of albums ready to go.

According to Big Talle, he has experienced the same problems as many other artists have faced, like not having a supportive family, not being able to record material or find places to showcase his music. There seems to be a lack of promoters and places to play Hip-Hop music in Senegal.

In Big Talle's words, "The real problem here is that people are discouraged from paying money to record and release music because there are no promoters and no means."

Big Talle is guaranteed to offer you amazing hip-hop music, so do not miss his news and future releases.


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