Ben Caesar

Ben Caesar was born in a lush Caribbean island called Dominica. After traveling and living in Amsterdam, St Lucia and London respectively, his mother decided to settle with him in South Africa.

With his mother being an activist and active in the feminist movement Caesar was politicized from a young age attending conferences, protests and meetings. Being exposed to womens issues and struggles he was given a different perspective than that of his peers and was encouraged to analyze and question society.

Ben Caeser completed his schooling career in Cape Town and began embarking on his musical journey. Since then he has released one mixtape, three solo albums, a group album with New Sons Cartel (NSC) with a popular single titled ‘History’. This was played in a daily rotation on Cape Town’s premier radio station, GoodHope Fm.

Caesar has travelled extensively to places such as New York, Montreal, Switzerland and has performed in countless night clubs, public events and prestigious venues.
These venues include the Museum of London Docklands, UNESCO in Paris, the South African National Gallery, two of Cape Town’s biggest festivals including the ‘Switching on of the city lights’ and the Night Market.

Besides his solo releases, Caeser has collaborated with an array of producers and artists, including some of South Africa’s finest young talents such as Claire Phillips, Lungelo, Ameen (producer of HHP’s latest single) and pioneers such as Caramel (linked to Black Noise and P.O.C fame). He has also completed an EP with UK producer, Miles Timothy, and features on two singles with Paris’ most admired and upcoming producer, Dion Henderson.

Coming from a strong Hip Hop background while being a culturally mixed and well-travelled artist, Caeser blends many genres and fuses different sounds to create new musical experiences. Inspired by his experiences from various parts of the world, his lyrics and subject matter touch on personal reflection, acute observation and the celebration of life all delivered with passion and conviction.

Caesar has recently come off the ‘Madame Zingara – Love Magic Tour’ and is currently working on his fourth studio album, Le Tigra with one of Cape Towns wakening beasts: Ross Gabriel. With Gabriel handling the production and coming from a house, alternative and electro background. The fusion of these two artists makes for dynamic music.

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